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Stuck inside? Here are 5 Winter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Posted on February 10 2017

While unexpected snow days can be a blessing, sometimes they’re just too cold to bear. When it gets too cold to play outside and cabin fever starts to surface, you are often left scrambling for indoor activities to keep your kids occupied. Next time, try one of these easy winter crafts—your kids will love them! Plus, chances are you probably already have the supplies on hand!

For toddlers: Marshmallow Towers

winter craftsAn effortless way to build their own creation, this craft form the Kids Activities Blog could inspire a future builder! Simply cut straws at different lengths, angling the scissors to ensure the ends are pointed, and take out a bag of jumbo marshmallows. Show your toddler how to put them together so they can build towers and buildings of their own! Bonus: you both can eat the marshmallows when you’re finished!

For older kids: Sugar Cube Igloos

winter crafts for kidsYour older kids can get in on the building fun too with this craft from The Crafty Classroom! You’ll need a box of sugar cubes, cardboard, white glue, and white paint. Simply paint a piece of cardboard white for the snow on the ground, draw the outline of the igloo, and allow kids to glue down the sugar cubes to fill up the space.   

For all ages: Potato Stamps

indoor kids activitiesAll you need for this effortlessly fun activity is raw potatoes and cookie cutters! Use the cookie cutters to cut out shapes in pieces of raw potato. Then, take out some paint and have your kids create pictures by using the new potato shapes as stamps!

For kids who love make believe: Pretend City

pretend city craftAnother gem from Kids Activities Blog, this pretend city craft can keep your children occupied all winter long—seriously! You’ll need paper lunch bags, newspaper, and paints. It’s a simple, yet pretty dynamic craft. Paint the bags two different colors to separate the roof from the building, and decorate with windows, doors, and signs to represent what type of building it is (i.e., hospital, flower shop, school, house). Fill up the bags with some crumbled newspaper, fold over the top edges, and staple together! Then line them up to form a pretend city!

For dress-up lovers: Paper Plate Animal Masks

indoor play timeFor all your little ones who love to play dress up, why not let them make their own masks? You’ll need craft foam, pipe cleaners, paper straws, glue and construction paper. The tutorial from Hoosier Homemade provides patterns for a fox, owl, bear, or raccoon, but feel free to come up with your own animals as well! This winter craft will surely keep your little ones occupied all day long!

Winter doesn’t have to lead to cabin fever. Instead, it’s the perfect opportunity to let your kids explore their creativity and imagination while you get to spend time with them. Next time the weather leaves you stranded inside, take out the craft supplies and start creating!