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The Benefits of Letting Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

Posted on January 26 2017

Did you know that your kids begin to develop their own personality and taste as early as 2 years old? One way many children start showing their inner selves is through their clothing choices. Some parents approach this time period with restraint and restrictions, insisting their children wear the clothes they picked out for them. But, as many have likely realized (and witnessed), this method often leads to tantrums. The stress of getting your child dressed in the morning can become too much to handle.

What if, instead, you let them choose their own clothes (within reason, of course)? Your kid has developed a sense of style, why not let them explore it?

You may worry they’ll look silly, but this speaks to your own insecurities and opinions, not theirs. There are actually many benefits of letting your kids choose their own clothes. Here are four key reasons.

It helps foster independence.

Allowing your child to choose their outfits is a great way to teach them how to be independent. When they get to make the decisions, it encourages them to think on their own and facilitates their autonomy over their own body.

It helps them explore their own identity.

As a young child, the means for self-expression are pretty limited. Style and taste are an important part of establishing an identity and asserting personality at an early age. It allows they to discover who they are and reflect it on the outside.

It builds confidence.

Putting aside your own ego and allowing your children to have freedom of expression through their wardrobe choices is vital to their self confidence. When children make choices, it gives them a sense of empowerment and when they actually like the way they look, it helps develop a positive self-image.

It helps develop logical thinking skills.

Choosing an outfit can also establish and evolve critical thinking skills. You may need to guide them to the basic rules of dressing first, but once they understand that they must use their logic to make decisions.

As many parents would say, choose your battles. If your kid wants to pick his or her own outfit, why not let them? Creativity and character should be celebrated from a young age, and letting them choose their clothes is a brilliant and beneficial way to do so! Plus, you’re definitely in for a treat with the ensembles they will inevitably come up with.