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Celebrate the Season With These Holiday Crafts for Kids

Posted on December 09 2016

It’s no secret that kids love the holiday season—family time, decorating, parties, and of course, presents. Why not build their anticipation and excitement for the holidays with some craft projects that celebrate the season? These project ideas are for crafters big or small, are budget-friendly, and are super simple.

Crank up the holiday music and light up the fireplace to set the mood for a day of crafting fun! Here are six holiday crafts that are sure to build excitement for the season.

1. Festive Ornament Fillers

holiday craft ornaments christmas crafts

Let the kids help you decorate a colorful tree this year by filling plastic ornaments (from craft stores) with their favorite things—think ribbons, pom poms, garland, glitter, etc. To make it very DIY, use a plastic cup with poster board glued to the bottom. The kids will be so excited to have their own creations hang on your tree.

2. Cinnamon Stick Stars

holiday crafts for kids

These adorable cinnamon stick stars make for another super easy ornament design, or a festive car air freshener. They’re insanely easy to make, even for the smallest crafters. With adult supervision, just hot glue five (or more) cinnamon sticks together to form a star. Drizzle on some glue and attach ribbon, twine, or any other accessories you wish.

3. Candy Cane Garland

holiday kids crafts

This garland is colorful and minimal—a great combination. Have kids trace and cut out candy cane shapes from leftover paint samples. String together using twine or hemp and hang on the mantle, wall, stairwell, or tree. For a different take, cut out Christmas tree shapes too and alternate between red and green paint chips.

4. Cotton Ball Penguin

holiday crafts

These cotton ball penguins are great for your toddlers! Cut out a penguin body shape for them out of white paper and let your little one put glue and cotton balls all over it. Then, cut out the black parts for the head and wings and a beak and legs out of orange paper. Use whatever object you wish for the eyes and let it dry. This craft also works for a snowman character as well!

5. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

christmas crafts for kids

Another easy craft for your little ones, this paper plate Christmas tree is super easy and super adorable. Cut out a wedge from a paper plate and glue/tape it into a cone shape. Paint the tree green, or whatever color you wish, and let it dry. Then, let the fun commence! Pick out tiny objects to use as ornaments on the tree—pieces of garland, pom poms, cotton balls, etc. Your kids will love decorating their own miniature tree.

6. Glitter Dough

new years eve crafts

We can’t forget about New Year’s Eve, either! Get your kids in a festive mood for the ball drop by whipping up some homemade glitter dough. Just mix together flour, salt, vegetable oil, water, cream of tartar, glitter, and Kool-Aid. The result is a glittery goo they can mold and play with to bring in the new year.