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Cold Weather Essentials: Winter Hats

Posted on February 02 2017

You’ve probably heard the popular statement that somewhere between 40 and 75 percent of your body heat leaves through your head. While winter hats are important, these numbers are a widespread misconception. The truth is the same amount of heat escapes from all parts of the body. As an adult, your head only amounts to about 7 to 10 percent of your total body. Therefore, you only lose about that much heat through your head. It’s much different for children, however.

Winter hats are cold weather essentials for infants and toddlers. Think about it: a baby’s head is somewhere around 25 percent of his or her total body size. That means much more of their body heat is lost through their head than an adult. Kids also have less-developed systems for regulating body temperature, and more surface area relative to their mass, so they lose body heat faster than adults.

What this breaks down to is: a hat can go a long way to keeping your child warm in the winter. That’s not to say other elements aren’t important, but hats can help regulate their body temperature and even help prevent frostbite.

Here are a few winter hat options to keep your little ones warm and comfortable in the fluctuating temperatures of the cold season.

For breezy, mild winter days: The Hunter Hat

Even on the mild winter days a hat can be helpful to regulating your child’s temperature. The Hunter hat is lightweight, with only one layer, yet provides adequate neck and ear coverage to keep them from feeling the chill in the air.

For those temperatures above freezing that are still super cold: The Evin Hat

With its double-layering, neck and ear coverage, and breathable fit, the Evin hat is ideal for cold days of winter when your little one wants to run around and play outside.

winter hats for kids


For days below freezing: The Bailey Hat

Your little one is sure to stay warm with the full neck and ear coverage, snug fit, and double layering of the Bailey hat.

Before your child steps outside this winter, be sure to dress them in the cold weather essential: a winter hat. There are tons of options to choose from; let your little one pick their favorite!